Do you have any funny memories of your elementary school time?

I had a third-grade teacher. Her name was Ms. Minor. So I don’t know how old I was in the third grade. If you start kindergarten when you’re five, I guess, I was about eight years old, I don’t know, eight or nine or seven, somewhere in there. And Ms. Minor was this young, beautiful woman, and I fell in love with Ms. Minor.

And I remember one day we’re sitting in class and she has like four students, she has them come up to the front, and she’d given them something to say. So she was delivering a message to us. And each of the kids said in turn, because she lined them up there in front of them, okay. And the first one said, “Ms. Minor is getting married.” And all the class smiled. And I went, “Oh.” I was heartbroken. I wanted to marry Ms. Minor. And she broke my heart, and she doesn’t even know that to this day.

I don’t know if you had your heartbroken, ever, when you were younger, or what memories you have from your elementary school days. Hopefully, they’re not all heartbreak. Hopefully, there are some positive ones, but that was just a memory I had. I thought I’d share with you today.