You ever get new technology and you have to ask your kids how to use it?

A lot of times it’s easier to go to my kids and ask them how to do something on my smartphone than to figure it out myself. I usually can, but it’s just faster to go that way. A lot of times, technology can be intimidating to us, but when we know how to use it, it can really be a tool for us. In other words, it can save a lot of time.

Well, when it comes to managing your money, that’s also true. In fact, there is free software that you can get on the internet that will help you manage your money, I’ll say, in less than an hour a week, and you can do it effectively in that time. In fact, sometimes less than half an hour a week, and you can do it all with tools that are free. When you do this, it will help you bring your stress about your money down, because you’ll know where you’re at. Knowing is always better than not knowing, and it will help you use it more effectively. So, you’ll see how you’re managing your money, where your money’s going. Is it going where you want it to, or is it just going where you happen to be going? And if so, you can take control of that just by virtue of using free technology.

This is one of the things that I teach people in the class that I have, specifically designed for working and single moms in how to manage your money effectively in less than an hour a week. So, if you are a working mom, if you’re a single mom and you’re the primary one for managing the money in your household and you haven’t been taught how to do it, then I hope you’ll look into the class that I’ve got created just for you, a safe place where you can learn the tools, the free tools, how to use that technology, what you need to do to focus on, and the model that will actually help you succeed more effectively with your money. Your current money will go further than it’s going now. Your future money will grow faster than it is now, and your stress will come down about it, just by virtue of the fact that you’re going to be in control of it, much better than you have been in the past. So, invite you to look into that and hope to see you in the class.