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“Grab your copy of James’ book and learn the Small Steps that will take you to a much higher place in your life, from achieving your goals to improving your overall personal development. Excellent advice for everyone, whether starting out or a seasoned professional.”

—Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt

Author of Unstoppable You

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It is said that our biggest gifts come wrapped in our greatest challenges. In many ways that seemed true for me.

My work environment could be described as toxic.  I felt trapped by the necessity of the paycheck but hated going to work. The stress provided motivation for me to overcome fears and do things I otherwise would never have done.

  • I invested over $40,000 on real estate investment education
  • I learned to manage money, more than just earn and spend
  • I started buying investment real estate
  • I took ownership of my health, lost 30 pounds and have kept if off for over 5 years
  • I learned about goals and personal development by finding mentors and changing my “mental nutrition.”

I started associating with people who were achieving at levels beyond what I had. This book is the light-hearted yet hard-hitting story of the key lessons I learned in my path from living paycheck to paycheck, to tripling our net worth in a few short years.

Jim Rohn taught that success in any area of life usually depends on only a half dozen things. If you have felt stuck in your life, unhappy with your employment, not living up to your full potential, Small Steps, Big Feat will teach you the half dozen things that will ensure your success in the areas of personal finance, health and nutrition, goal setting and achieving, and becoming your highest and best self! It not only teaches you the principles, but it also goes over the tools to help you live these principles.

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